Haberlea rhodopensis


Haberlea rhodopensis is a Tertiary relict plant endemic to the Balkan region, especially the Rhodope mountains in Bulgaria. Haberlea is also known as the Orpheus flower and the Resurrection plant, due to its remarkable ability to survive extremely long periods of drought. It is a medicinal plant, protected by the law as its removal from nature is strictly prohibited.

Haberlea is believed to have existed before the Ice Age. Its survival of over 20 million years is attributed to its remarkable anabiotic resistance to drought. When picked, it can remain dry for up to 30 months and then come back to life when watered.

Scientific research showed that skin treated with Haberlea extract has exhibited increased collagen and elastin synthesis, reduction in UV-induced dermis oxidation, increased skin elasticity and increased skin radiance (1).

Innova BM has developed a unique proprietary method of in vitro cultivation of Haberlea rhodopensis.  It is sustainable and eco-friendly and leads to a higher concentration of beneficial phyto-chemicals in the cells.

InnovaBioTech Haberlea  is an outstanding  active ingredient based on the in vitro culture of  Haberlea rhodopensis.  It is a powerful multi-tasking active ingredient of unique composition and excellent efficiency. Haberlea is ideal for daily skin care essential at any age, and especially effective against signs of aging. Clinical studies have proven its skin lifting effect , as well as an increase in skin radiance and hydration and a decrease in pigmentation.

InnovaBioTech Haberlea is standardized by its main active component myconoside, which stimulates elastin and collagen synthesis.