Morina Persica

Morina persica is part of traditional medicine in its natural habitat, spanning from the Balkan Peninsula, through Central Asia to the West Himalayas. In China, this plant is used as a traditional drug for curing migraines, backache, arthritis, high heart rate and tumors and as anti-parasite treatment in veterinary medicine. Morina persica has proven to be a rich source of phenolic compounds, such as rutin, chlorogenic and rosmarinic acids, as well as terpenes. Scientific studies show the high antioxidant, enzyme inhibitor, anti-fungal and disinfectant effects of the plant, which demonstrate its value as a high-quality natural resource for use in cosmetics.

InnovaStemCell Morina is an active ingredient from Morina persica stem cells. Advanced biotechnology was used for inducing the stem cells to overproduce the valuable secondary metabolites. This results in a natural, minimalist active that helps the skin retain its youthful and healthy look.  In vivo studies demonstrated tightened skin, improved turgor, shrinking pores, smoother and glowing skin, together with strong hydrating, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects.

InnovaStemCell Morina 

INCI NAME: Morina Persica Calus Culture Extract (submitted application in CosIng; approval pending) Glycerin
ORIGIN: Stem cells of Morina persica
APPLICATIONS: Skin care, hair care
ACTION: Skin tightening, improved turgor