Our Technology


The creation of our products begins with the initiation of callus culture from selected medicinal plants.


Suitable parts of the plant are selected, sterilized and cut to appropriate segments. The resulting sterile pieces of plant tissue, called explants, are cultured on semi-solid nutrient medium containing specific combination of plant cell growth regulators (e.g. Auxins and Cytokinins) that cause callus (de-differentiated) cells to appear on the surface of the incisions. Callus cells are removed from the plant explants and grown under laboratory conditions on the described nutritional medium at constant humidity and temperature.


When sufficient mass of the callus culture has been produced, the next step is initiation of cell suspension in which the de-differentiated cells are grown in liquid nutritional environment in the form of single cells and aggregates. To initiate a cell suspension, a callus line with loose structure must be selected by altering the combination of growth regulators of the nutritional environment and by repeated transferring from solid to liquid nutritional medium and vice versa.


Once a stable cell suspension has been established in terms of morphology and growth parameters (centrifuge volume, accumulated biomass, growth index), the crucial stage of optimization follows.  It runs in two stages. During the first stage, the environmental factors are optimized so as to produce a maximum amount of bio-mass at minimal cost. In the second step, cells are subjected to additional stress by adding elicitors – signal molecules that stimulate accelerated intracellular production of the secondary metabolites of highest value. 


We turn the optimized stem cell biomass into active ingredients by applying a non-extraction processing technology. It is waste-free and preserves the synergy, created by nature. The resulting preparations are active ingredients of powerful and diverse biological activity for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.