InnovaBioTech Rejuvenescence is a powerful active ingredient from Haberlea rhodopensis in vitro culture and Rosa damascena stem cells.

Haberlea, also known as the Orpheus flower, is a true gift of nature. It is a resurrection plant, which means that it can come back to life after years of water deprivation. It’s among the oldest plant species on Earth and has survived a major ice age. Haberlea has rejuvenating properties – the leaves have been used for centuries for their detoxifying, tonic, restorative and rejuvenating effects and for wound healing. For its special qualities, it was worshipped by the local people since Thracian and Roman times and depicted on coins. A cluster of legends grew around the mystical plant, linking it to the legendary Thracian musician and healer Orpheus. Modern science has confirmed its cell revitalizing and anti-aging properties, radical scavenging, anti-oxidant and cytoprotective activities.

The most pronounced cosmetic effects of Haberlea are enhanced skin elasticity, skin illumination and decrease of pigmentation. With the addition of Rosa damascena stem cells, the resulting active ingredient acquires remarkable hydration properties.

InnovaBioTech Rejuvenescence  gives the face a more youthful look. It provides excellent hydration, enhances skin elasticity, illuminates the skin and decreases pigmentation, creating the feeling of freshness, softness, smoothness and comfort.

This ingredient is COSMOS approved.

InnovaBioTech Rejuvenescence

INCI NAME: Glycerol, Rosa damascena Callus Culture Extract, Haberlea rhodopensis Leaf Extract
ORIGIN: Haberlea in vitro culture extract, Rosa damascena stem cells
APPLICATIONS: Skin care, hair care
ACTION: Deep hydration, skin lifting, illuminating, pigmentation decreasing