About Us

Our Business Mission

We are dedicated to providing our clients with biotech active  ingredients which give  their cosmetic products  superb efficacy and unique competitive edge. We are proud that we produce our active ingredients in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.


Our Company

Innova BM Ltd develops and produces innovative active ingredients for the cosmetics industry based on plant stem cells and in vitro cultures. Innova BM Ltd. is based in Bulgaria – the land of thousand herbs. Comparatively small in size, Bulgaria is the third biggest producer of herbs and spices in Europe and is a leading world exporter of medicinal plants. The country is world famous for its essential oils, especially the oil from Rosa damascena, also known as the Bulgarian Rose. Stepping on the best traditions of herbal medicine, our team of internationally-recognized scientists has combined the power of nature with innovative bio technology.

Inspired by the proven beauty-enhancing qualities of herbs and medicinal plants, we developed a line of unique active ingredients for skin and hair care based on the stem cells and in vitro cultures of selected plants. 


Plant stem cells are renowned for their potential to protect the epidermal stem cells from internal and external stress factors and delay the aging process.


The most prominent quality of in vitro plant cultures is the possibility of influencing the intercellular content in the process of their bio-reactor cultivation. Imitating nature, we expose the cells to stressors inducing them to overproduce specific substances responsible for the plant’s desirable cosmetic qualities. In this way, we obtain ‘super cells’ whose natural cosmetic properties are considerably enhanced without any gene modification. Our expertise in cell line selection and optimization results in stem cell biomass of considerably enriched phyto-chemical composition. Then we use a non-extraction, waste-free method to turn the enriched biomass into active ingredients, preserving the full synergic potential of the living cells, created by nature.


This results in active ingredients highly efficient in their main functions and exhibiting a wide scope of other cosmetics functions. That’s why we call our stem cell products Multifunction Powerhouse


Innova BM has invented and patented a method of in vitro cultivation of the rare and very valuable medicinal plant Haberlea rhodopensis, rich in Myconoside. We have also patented the use of Myconoside-rich in vitro culture extracts for UV, Gamma and chemo protection. Innova BM is the only industrial producer of Myconoside-containing biomass.  Another remarkable achievement is the Rosa damascena stem cell culture cultivated without any growth regulators. 


The biotechnological approaches used by Innova BM allow uniformity of phyto-chemical composition, sterility and complete lack of natural contaminants. In addition, the production process promotes sustainability and protects the environment by preserving bio-diversity, preventing soil depletion, eliminating waste, introducing green practices.


We are proud to contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.