InnovaBioTech Beauty is an active cosmetic ingredient which provides skin rejuvenation and sun protection.

It consists of Haberlea rhodopensis in vitro culture extract and Calendula officinalis stem cells. Haberlea has strong anti-oxidative properties and is proven to enhance skin elasticity and illumination, decrease pigmentation and boost hydration. Calendula is famous for its skin-regenerating properties. Through our innovative biotech, we’ve enhanced considerably the natural qualities of the plant, by stimulating the overproduction of secondary metabolites in the stem cells. By combining the biotech versions of the two plants, InnovaBioTech Beauty achieves unique qualities of skin lifting, wrinkle reduction, skin illumination, decrease in pigmentation and deep hydration.

Innova BM has proven that Myconoside, the predominant caffeoyl phenylethanoid glycoside in Haberlea rhodopensis possesses pronounced UV protection properties. InnovaBioTech beauty combines skin rejuvenation with UV protection, by adding 3 SPF to the cosmetic products.


This ingredient is COSMOS approved.

InnovaBioTech Beauty

INCI NAME: Glycerin, Calendula Officinalis Meristem Cell Extract, Haberlea rhodopensis Leaf Extract
ORIGIN: In vitro culture extract
SOLUBILITY: Water soluble
DOSAGE: 0,1-3%